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Friday, July 24, 2009

Ordinary Things at the Edison Eye

I have a couple of small pieces at the Edison Eye in Edison, WA. The opening is August 1, 5:00-10:00pm. Dana (the owner) likes to do theme shows and this one is called "Ordinary Things". He invited a whole slough of valley artists to participate. An opening at the Edison Eye is always a great party, usually some oysters or salmon on the barbecue, sometimes music or poetry and a lot of artist milling around grousing about the deplorable state of the art world or the deplorable state of the world in general. My kind of people.

These pieces are done on dinnerware. What could be more ordinary? I use small plates as palettes when I'm working with encaustic. I noticed that the wax adheres nicely to the plates when it drys and so... a medium is born.

Title: A Plate Full of Hydrangea I & II
Dimensions: 11h X 11w
Medium: encaustic on dinnerware
Price: $400